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PalmyChicks are YouTXT’d

PalmyChicks is setup by Rachel Richards who’s aim is to provide a way for people to socialise, unwind, relax and meet new and interesting people.

We are pleased to announce that YouTXT has been added as a service to help PalmyChicks connect. Rachel commented to us :

‘I’m very impressed with YouTXT and have been unable to find a comparable service.  Palmy Chicks are now using YouTXT to communicate fortnightly event information to our members.’

Thanks Rachel – we love to know we are helping people connect!

YouTXT goes global

YouTXT has began trials of the service in the UK.

YouTXT Creative Director, Sam Allen has been canvassing interest for the YouTXT service in Dublin and it has been sufficient to warrant the setup of a trial service.

Customers can get started straight away and create codes using the YouTXT UK website  Texts should be sent to the mobile number +44 78 00200507. 

The trial will run for the month of July and at the end we will review the uptake, your feedback and plan the full release of the service to the UK.  

So, If you’re in the UK and you want to start SMS marketing – give YouTXT a go today. If you have some ideas for using the service, let us know by either

SMS Marketing and Promotions – All the big brands are doing it

So many of the big brands are using SMS Marketing to great effect – generating buzz about their products, capturing databases of 10’s of 1000’s of their target consumers and increasing the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns by adding SMS to Print, Web, TV etc. 

All of these big names are using mobile TXT solutions to enhance their marketing campaigns through NZ mobile service providers. Adding polling, voting, m-vouchers and general information to better interact and enhance their clients experiences with their brand.

Big Name Brands Using SMS Marketing

YouTXT works with individuals and companies to help them reach their TXT based marketing and information via TXT goals through an affordable, simple online system. 

Add a TXT element to your organisaitons information services. Be it marketing, voting, polling or general info via TXT, to better engage your audience for free try using

YouTXT is live

YouTXT: the next-gen marketing tool for switched on companies is live!

Developed in New Zealand, YouTXT provides potential customers with instant information at their fingertips – anywhere, anytime. It’s free to setup and simple to use.

Anyone with a mobile phone can access your information by keying in a code to 8808 (costs 50c).

YouTXT is used by consumers seeking more information, like after seeing an ad for a new product they’re interested in. Or they might be wanting to know more about a house after reading a realestate board.
It’s also used to get updates, like what time a DJ is playing at a club.

Making information accessible. or text youtxt to 8808 (costs 50c)

Download this press release as a PDF document

YouTXT team working hard

The whole YouTXT v1 development and management team is working hard for the go-live of Beta 1 on Monday, 26th February. It’s an open Beta, so you can all use the service and we’d love to hear your feedback – good and bad.

Stay tuned for the service that will rock the mobile world!

YouTXT – all the cool kids are doing it.

Welcome to YouTXT!

YouTXT is a service setup to allow anyone access to providing information via txt.

Removing the costs associated with agencies and mobile companies, YouTXT brings you a low cost, self managed service that allows you to create and share information via txt.

What that information is, or how it gets used is up to you. We would love to hear what you have to say about the YouTXT service.

Currently we are in version 0.1 (beta).

Your feedback will help us build a better service, so please share your thoughts with us!