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Anywhere, anytime flight info with FlightCHECK

A new product has just been launced over at YouTXT – its called FlightCHECK.

Based on the same simple principles of providing useful information quickly and easily through TXT, FlightCHECK is an anytime, anywhere flight checking tool. Giving realtime access to any flight arriving or departing NZ. It can be accessed over at or by SMS/TXT.

The coverage is pretty amazing and you can check any flight nationally or internationally by TXT by simply sending the tail number ie NZ1 to 8808. Within seconds you will get back a message telling you whether the flight is delayed, on-time or cancelled.

This is a brilliant new service that is the first in New Zealand to cover every flight, and every airport. As a product it is available to the public, and also available for liscence to any travel or airline industry organisations that want to personalise and market to their own customer base.

What do you think of this new service? Any ideas to make it better or more useful?

Lotto numbers via SMS/TXT

The API is steadily being used to help generate more automatically updated information.

A great source of information setup over at NZPages was providing access to Lotto and Keno results. Simply send LOTTO or KENO to 8808 and get the lastest draw results. gets YouTXT’ing

Great to hear how people are using YouTXT to increase their reach to audiences and cusotmers.

Recently , the  place to find a sale near you, setup a YouTXT account to promote their sales via TXT. Smart, simple and a great way to let more people find out information via their mobile.

Congrats to MySale! Great company – great information – brilliant integration of a YouTXT powered service.

To try it out just TXT Mysale to 8808 to get the latest sales alert!


YouTXT now offers exciting opportunities for developers to leverage the YouTXT platform in their own applications. You can create, edit, delete and view messages in the YouTXT system extremely easily and at no cost.

Getting started

Getting started with the YouTXT API is simple, easy and free. All you need is a YouTXT account which you can sign up for here. Once you have created your account you can run several commands against the YouTXT!


You can access all the API commands at a single ASMX web service: CoreServices.asmx

With this service you can use the following web methods:

  • CreateMessage
  • GetMessage
  • DeleteMessage
  • UpdateMessage

Each of these methods is fairly self explanatory – you can create, edit, delete and view messages. The methods that involve altering data (create, delete and update) will require that you provide you log in details to ensure that only you can change your messages.

To view the details of the web service methods please click here. Continue reading ‘YouTXT API is LIVE!!’

Checking Availability via YouTXT

Recently we received an email from Mathew Cassidy sharing with us how he is using YouTXT. Another brilliant example of how easy and effective YouTXT can be to help people in their everyday lives.


Hi there,
Just found your guys website this morning! Excellent stuff!
I am a relief teacher around Auckland (mostly the North Shore). I have an online calendar that I use that allow principals to book me for relief work at their schools.
Sometimes schools need to find out my availability, often at 6.30am in the morning. The person may not have convenient access to the Internet at that time. But now, using your guys system, I can set a message up before I go to bed, letting schools know my availability (or unavailability). For example:
Text: ‘CHECK’ to ‘8808’ Continue reading ‘Checking Availability via YouTXT’

YouTXT goes global

YouTXT has began trials of the service in the UK.

YouTXT Creative Director, Sam Allen has been canvassing interest for the YouTXT service in Dublin and it has been sufficient to warrant the setup of a trial service.

Customers can get started straight away and create codes using the YouTXT UK website  Texts should be sent to the mobile number +44 78 00200507. 

The trial will run for the month of July and at the end we will review the uptake, your feedback and plan the full release of the service to the UK.  

So, If you’re in the UK and you want to start SMS marketing – give YouTXT a go today. If you have some ideas for using the service, let us know by either

YouTXT team working hard

The whole YouTXT v1 development and management team is working hard for the go-live of Beta 1 on Monday, 26th February. It’s an open Beta, so you can all use the service and we’d love to hear your feedback – good and bad.

Stay tuned for the service that will rock the mobile world!

YouTXT – all the cool kids are doing it.

Welcome to YouTXT!

YouTXT is a service setup to allow anyone access to providing information via txt.

Removing the costs associated with agencies and mobile companies, YouTXT brings you a low cost, self managed service that allows you to create and share information via txt.

What that information is, or how it gets used is up to you. We would love to hear what you have to say about the YouTXT service.

Currently we are in version 0.1 (beta).

Your feedback will help us build a better service, so please share your thoughts with us!