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Checking Availability via YouTXT

Recently we received an email from Mathew Cassidy sharing with us how he is using YouTXT. Another brilliant example of how easy and effective YouTXT can be to help people in their everyday lives.


Hi there,
Just found your guys website this morning! Excellent stuff!
I am a relief teacher around Auckland (mostly the North Shore). I have an online calendar that I use that allow principals to book me for relief work at their schools.
Sometimes schools need to find out my availability, often at 6.30am in the morning. The person may not have convenient access to the Internet at that time. But now, using your guys system, I can set a message up before I go to bed, letting schools know my availability (or unavailability). For example:
Text: ‘CHECK’ to ‘8808’ Continue reading ‘Checking Availability via YouTXT’

PalmyChicks are YouTXT’d

PalmyChicks is setup by Rachel Richards who’s aim is to provide a way for people to socialise, unwind, relax and meet new and interesting people.

We are pleased to announce that YouTXT has been added as a service to help PalmyChicks connect. Rachel commented to us :

‘I’m very impressed with YouTXT and have been unable to find a comparable service.  Palmy Chicks are now using YouTXT to communicate fortnightly event information to our members.’

Thanks Rachel – we love to know we are helping people connect!